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Excelsior Employee Serves Kids for Nearly Half-Century

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Sue Bell, CMA has been caring for kids in need at Excelsior for over 45 years

Spokane, WA October 28, 2020 – 1975 was the beginning of many cultural phenomena. “Jaws” was released in theatres. Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier. The first episode of Saturday Night Live was broadcast. All of those are important moments in history, to be sure. Here in Northwest Spokane, October 1975 represents the first time that Sue Bell started working at The Sisters of the Good Shepherd Home (now known as Excelsior). She has been serving kids and families there ever since.

On October 28, 2020 Sue Bell celebrates 45 years of service at Excelsior.

Andrew Hill, Chief Executive Office of Excelsior said of Sue Bell “Having people around you like Sue Bell is inspiring, and reminds you to never let go of the vision for those we serve. We are partners in their journey and Sue has provided unconditional love and support to countless individuals. We are honored to work alongside her each and every day.”

At 45 years of service, Sue shows no signs of slowing down. According to official records, she is the longest serving employee in the history of the organization.

Sue shared: “The relationships that I have had with the youth and the work that we did together to better themselves is something I remember fondly. It has always been a great reminder that when youth call and/or visit, I was able to take care of them. I enjoy my work very much. The friendships and support that has been provided by so many staff has made this difficult work so much easier.”

Sue Bell has touched the lives of thousands of youth and families in her time at Excelsior.

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