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About Excelsior Family Medicine

Who We Are

Excelsior Family Medicine in Spokane, Washington, offers comprehensive healthcare with a team of experienced professionals, including family medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, and licensed mental health counselors. We provide compassionate care, routine check-ups, preventative care, and chronic condition management. Our patient-centered approach includes on-site Behavioral Health services, ensuring both mental and physical health. We offer personalized treatment plans and a commitment to excellence, making us your trusted healthcare partner.

Trust Excelsior Family Medicine in Spokane, Washington for Superior Quality Care 

From a Thankful Patient

Great doctor and medical assistant who listen, care, and search for the best treatment. Can’t ask for much more. Front office staff does pretty well, too.

Lisa H.

The Dr gave us the time required and understood our needs.

Richard G.

Excellent visit, very good front desk staff, with on time check-in. Preliminary tests were completed quickly and efficiently by nurse. Session with D. Repsold MD was comfortable, instructive, and left me feeling that my health management is in good hands.

Alain K.

The doctor seemed to be better than the last one I had, I also like that it’s holistic medicine. But the best part about it was that he listened to my concerns. Thank you

Chris R.

Dr. Repsold was amazing. He listened to all my issues was very thorough and got me on the right track for healing. Need more doctors like him. Wish I would have had him from the beginning.

Allison B.

Very good at answering questions and takes the time to listen. Gives great suggestions

Tressa B.

Foster Care Center of Excellence

Foster Care Center of Excellence

As a center of excellence, Excelsior Family Medicine will be an entry point for healthcare, providing:

  • Early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment within 30 days of entering care
  • Behavioral health services
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Assistance with securing medical equipment
  • Prescriptions
  • Lab tests and x-rays

In 2016, the Washington State Health Care Authority named Coordinated Care the sole health plan to manage the Apple Health Foster Care program responsible for managing the healthcare of the state’s approximately 24,000 youth involved in the child welfare system, including foster care, adoption support, and foster care alumni.

Centers of Excellence are recognized as multidisciplinary medical centers where youth in the child welfare system can receive coordinated healthcare services. To qualify as a center of excellence, a healthcare provider must meet more than 50 criteria, including annual staff training in trauma-informed care.

Centers of Excellence also can refer youth to Coordinated Care for additional support as needed.

Our Continuum of Care

Excelsior Wellness is a nonprofit corporation supporting multiple organizations connected through a common purpose.

Wellness Center Nav

Wellness Center

Wraparound Wellness and Counseling Services.

Family Med Nav

Family Medicine

Person-Centered Primary Care. Mental Health Counseling. Psychiatric Medication Management.

Integrated Care Nav

Integrated Care

Youth Recovery Programs for Mental Health and Substance Abuse.